About us

The original genesis  and mission of  The Mamma bear was created and trademarked  back in 2016.  Today,  with the opening of a store front, and the new launch of our on line store, it has matured into exploration of unique, thoughtful, sustainable, purposeful products to enjoy as well as debate.  Hand picked and tested while keeping local, small batch, organic and made in the USA a critical component.  Mixing the new with the old.  Looking for those tastes that explode with flavor in your mouth.  Wanting outside of the box ideas and creations that at the very least put a smile on someone’s face.  And providing a safe, warm and inviting environment to stroll, explore, inspire and relax.

Getting back to basics, the simple life where we enjoy each moment.   Write letters, grow fresh herbs all year long, make great tasting food a celebration with family and friends again.  To stimulate our minds without our phones and go back to jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, board games and card playing.

Express our creativity and artistry through what we surround ourselves with.

But most important, take time and care for ourselves.  Breathe, exhale, experience… and then laugh out loud.