Alpaca Headband - Fade - Autumn

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There’s something about fall that just spells cozy comfort –it might be the nippy weather, the beautiful sight of leaves changing color, or soothing confections like pumpkin spice latte. Capturing those experiences would be this Autumn Alpaca Headband. Showcasing a deep, rich red-orange hue, this accessory will certainly add a statement-making touch to your looks. Adding to its cozy appeal would be its alpaca wool. Handmade in Peru, this headband will keep you super comfy with its luxuriously soft and warm texture. Capturing the cozy comfort of fall, this Autumn Alpaca Headband beautifully showcases an alluring deep, red-orange hue. Contributing to its cozy factor would be alpaca fiber and its amazing softness and warmth.   Material: 100% Baby Alpaca One Size