Alpaca Headband - Fade - Azul

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Bundling up during the winter is no excuse for compromising style, and one of the easiest ways to elevate any look is by way of accessories. This Azul Alpaca Headband, for instance, adds a soft, feminine touch to winter head gear. Matched with a neutral, easy-to-wear ombré blue color palette, this thick and plush headband won’t give you any headaches. Guaranteeing your comfort is its amazing fiber composition. Made from 100% alpaca, one of the finest textiles in the world, this headband will treat you to superb softness and warmth you’ll absolutely love. This Azul Alpaca Headband not only showcases a cool blue ombré palette that’s super easy to style, but also features what could be the softest and warmest fabric you could ever experience –alpaca! Material: 100% Baby Alpaca One Size