Alpaca Headband - Highland - Blue Stone

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A twist, literally, on one of your favorite neutral colors, this Blue Stone Alpaca Headband not only showcases an ultra-versatile blue shade, but also a trendy front twist design. Wear it to complement your denim looks or play with contrasting color palettes. You’ll of course, look chic and put together while staying nice and toasty –all made possible by alpaca wool. Handmade by Peruvian artisans, this accessory is super-soft, warm, lightweight, and durable. Featuring an elevated version of your favorite neutral color, this Blue Stone Alpaca headband will complement your denim looks very well. While you look chic, you’ll also feel warm and cozy –made possible by the luxuriously soft alpaca wool. Material: 50% Alpaca / 50% Highland Wool One Size